At people make it work, we believe in tailoring our services to every client – we don’t use off the shelf solutions, because we don’t have off the shelf clients. We have unique clients who deserve unique solutions.

Our approach is holistic – we like to consider the whole organization that we are working with… to understand all the factors that can be leveraged to create success and all those that need to be addressed to avoid failure.

  • We can work on whole organization projects, or with specific business divisions or geographies.
  • People make it work can offer the complete change management consultancy, from helping you develop your new business strategy to building the plan to deliver that and supporting you as you engage your employees and other stakeholders. We can even develop the training courses that might be needed to create the new skills and behaviours that the strategy requires.
  • Our consulting work tends to be quite intimate – we work alongside business leaders and their management teams, helping them to imagine, shape and then realize their business goals.
  • Our consultants tend to be leadership coaches as well and this enables them to offer broad support to our clients as they create change in their organisations
  • We have delivered consultancy projects for arts and culture organizations including, Axisweb, The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, Arts Council England (Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Organisational Development, Literature, Public Engagement) Newbury Corn Exchange, Yorkshire Art Space, A New Direction, The Audience Agency and the Crafts Council