David White - profile photo

Hi there, I’m David.

I’m happiest when I’m designing and delivering learning and development. I get a real buzz out of taking something that’s apparently complex and making sense of it for an organisation – and it’s also really important to me that I deliver on time and that the work I do is received really well.

I love openness and honesty in my clients so that we always know where the other one stands, and we can find the perfect solution for them. Customer satisfaction isn’t good enough, is it? Customers need to be completely delighted. I also love customers who are friendly, welcoming and committed to deliver what they set out to.

Some of the clients I have spent most time working with over the years include, Ricardo plc, Audiences Central, Shaw Group,TRW, Siemens, First Direct, Egg Banking, AEA, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust, Volunteer England, Mercedes Benz (UK), SC Johnson, DHL, Tarmac and The World Gold Council.

In the future, I want to do more of the stuff that I’m best at – so designing and delivering relevant courses/ interventions that meet needs and support people to be most effective. Working collaboratively with other organisations and with more individuals. Oh and have fun and get a sense of ‘making a difference’.

Nice things clients have said about me include:
“The breadth of knowledge and experience David demonstrates is fundamentally his strength but he couples this with flexibility and commitment to our organisation – often coming up with value-add suggestions that he incorporates to improve the end product. Feedback from his activities is always, without exception, excellent.”
“David White brings warmth, insight and energy and generates clarity, skills and confidence. And that’s exactly what we need.”

My specialist areas include general management training, communication and impact.