people make it work’s response to the ‘Addendum to guidance for NPO application’ from Arts Council England: a new brokering service to support you to create wider, deeper relationships across England, realising your goals for greater impact, and the Arts Council’s goal for more equitably distributed cultural investment, experiences and infrastructure.

Live now and delivering new creative partnerships for you in the weeks and months ahead to align with NPO submission dates.

Starting today 
We have created a brokering service with immediate effect, designed to support NPO applicants who are committed to building new partnerships in ‘levelling up areas’ around England.
At people make it work we have relationships with many arts organisations, groups and communities across England, and within the last 12 months have worked with 270 NPO organisations, the leaders of all Cultural Education Partnerships, hundreds of independent producers and creative freelancers, numerous cities, partnerships, funders and groups. We are well placed to help National Portfolio Organisations, and those applying to join the Portfolio to find new partners across the cultural ecology in a constructive, proactive, practical and values-based manner.
Values based relationships
We are committed to values-based relationships, rather than superficial, transactional deals, so the partnerships we’ll help you build will be be based on creating; embedded relationships, shared learning, welcome/invitation-based collaboration, collective co-created decision making and local agency. Naturally we’ll incorporate other criteria you’ve identified when we provide our brokering service for you.
Types of value exchange
We are imagining that there are many ways that you might invite additional value to your area, or bring new value to an area you start working in. We have been thinking about Touring, Creative Learning, Co-programming, Co-locating, Skills sharing/development and Shared procurement/services as some of the ways you might create wider, deeper relationships of impact in new partnerships spanning England..

Our process

Our brokering service involves working with people and organisations in levelling up places to understand goals and support the development of compelling creative invitations, and simultaneously working with organisations who are seeking to work in levelling up areas to articulate the offer, assets and range of commitments you might be interested in exploring. We work with people and organisations across England to match and connect potential partners, broker new relationships, manage and design site visits or creative exchanges, and the development of mutually beneficial partnership agreements that create wider, deeper creative relationships and impact for everyone. We expect the whole process to take between three weeks and two months per partnership.

Your objectives & Outcomes

We know that you are as committed as we are to seeing a more equitable distribution of cultural resources, experiences and value across England. We believe in the positive goal of wider engagement in culture across our country, made by with and for everyone. We know that you want to welcome new cultural investment into your levelling up area or to be able to demonstrate your new partnerships in a concrete set of commitments and plans in your NPO application in May. We are here to enable that through our brokering service.

Next steps

Email us at We are ready to urgently respond, build an understanding of your partnership ambitions, and connect you with likeminded people and organisations around the country. The process takes between three weeks and two months to create concrete plans and mutually beneficial arrangements, so start now.