People make it work are proud of the work we do, and the relationships we have, with all of our clients…
but here we thought we’d highlight a few of our favorites… 

The projects we work on with our charity clients tend to be UK based team and organisation development projects. Ranging in scale from team development workshops to whole organisation events and leadership coaching.

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[one_third last=”no”]oxfam[/one_third]

 [two_third last=”yes”]Oxfam are extraordinary.–  We’ve worked with them to help them work even better together, and we’re proud to count them a friend. Get connected with Oxfam at[/two_third]


[one_third last=”no”]teach-first[/one_third]

[two_third last=”yes”]If you haven’t been astonished by the growth in the scope and impact of Teach First, then where have you been? They are transforming education with some of the most talented and engaged graduates in the UK. We helped them move and grow. Be inspired and visit[/two_third]


[one_third last=”no”]pilotlight[/one_third]

[two_third last=”yes”]We hold Pilotlight close to our heart – they are a UK charity bringing business advice and support to small charities across the country, helping them support more people. We’ve helped them develop their practices and impact over the years. Get connected at[/two_third]


[one_third last=”no”]comic-relief[/one_third]

[two_third last=”yes”]Comic Relief bring emotion, fun and action to international and national development initiatives. We helped them broaden their impact with engaged and motivated young people. Try not to be motivated and moved at[/two_third]


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