Dr Nick Henry is Professor and Co-Director at Coventry University.

I was the first person from my family to go to university, and none of my close friends went. That was tough but I discovered the lifelong joy of learning about and understanding (some of) the world around me – and the power of research and analysis.

My whole working – and home – life has been framed by becoming a professional in research and analysis. I’ve done this through numerous roles and places (academic, consultant, tutor, governor, Company Director, parent), always learning, and seeking to use my skills (and associated soft power) to support social change and especially the individuals and institutions with the potential and power to push and enact change. That is why I am on the Steering Group.

My favourite snack is Hula Hoops – any flavour as I get what is left over from the multi-packs by the rest of the family. Illustrating the power of analysis, since 2017, Hula Hoops fans noticed that they no longer fit on your fingers. Investigation shows that this was a direct result of the 2016 Brexit vote which led to the economic term ‘shrinkflation’; manufacturing costs went up and rather than raise prices in the shop, they shrunk the packs and the Hula Hoops within them!