In this strand we will learn all about what place-based practice really means. Sessions will explore what makes places creative. Sessions will also explore different cities in the UK and beyond and what we can learn from those cities and places in how they have changed their cultural landscape. We will explore the conditions needed for these changes and also how creative people can have impact in creating culturally vibrant places.

Elements of Learning:

  • Understand the range of place based approaches taken in Coventry
  • Understand the cultural sector’s place-based approaches and the impacts they have had over time and in a range of contexts
  • Discover what we can learn from Creative People and Places and former Cities of Culture
  • Understand how different places and organisations within them are responding to the digitisation of work and practice
  • Establish ways that our work together and the city might benefit from innovation in this area

Strand Workshops

All workshops on the theme of Place-Based Practice

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Place-Based Practice,

Creative People and Places

Place-Based Practice,

Cultural Place Making