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Hi there, I’m Wendy.

I love to understand coachee’s experiences and perspectives, and how they have shaped and created who they are at this time. Exploring this together allows us to unravel how things came to be as they are, and alternative approaches and perspectives that could bring about different experiences if desired.

I love it when clients are properly up for it! The point of having a coach is to try some different ways of looking at things, so openness to this offers the landscape for exploration and discovery. I like to work with ‘whole humans’, so a willingness to explore personal awareness, impact, balance, power and responsiveness is helpful.

I’ve worked with a range of clients, including: HSBC, Lloyds, Welsh Millennium Centre, National Grid, ABB, Rolls Royce, Balfour Beatty, BAM Nuttall, Atkins, London Underground, Cabinet Office, DVSA, Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

I want to continue to coach different people in the future. I like the variety of life and love the uniqueness of each of our stories. Discovering the brilliance that is sometimes hidden, but always there. For me, coaching is about: hearing, understanding, exploring, possibilities and choices. Supporting clients in this process is what I love to do.

Clients have said that I’m supportive and allowing, while also being action focused and bring in pace where required. They appreciate my focus, energy, attention and ability to be fully present.
They value the space I provide to allow them to be heard and that I make them feel safe as we explore some tricky territory.

My specialist areas include: Coaching, 360 feedback, Psychometrics, Culture, Engagement, Collaboration, Wellbeing, Workshops on Live issues, and Learning and Development,