Hi there, I’m Dawn.

I love doing work that stretches me and needs new approaches. I enjoy working with individuals, groups and organisations that are facing challenges or changes. I particularly enjoy working with individuals and organisations that are facing the need for significant transformation and helping them move into new ways of doing things.

I love to work for clients who are curious, inventive and open to different perspectives. I like to work with clients, who can listen deeply, speak openly and genuinely allow for dialogue however uncomfortable that may be. I also love to work for clients who have a sense of fun and wickedness and are not afraid to push the boundaries or laugh at themselves from time to time.

Over the years I’ve worked with a number of organisations including: Arts Council England, English Heritage, The Crafts Council, Mercury Theatre, Royal Central School for Speech and Drama, Emergency Exit Arts, North Bristol NHS Trust, Carillion, Oxfam, The WI, University of Durham, Cultural Co-operation and Hampshire County Council.

In the future, I would love to do more evaluative work around approaches to human resources development and performance improvement. I really enjoy working with clients to help them imagine different futures and do scenario modelling, helping them think about what they need to put in place now to move towards their future aspirations.

Clients have described me as patient, sometimes challenging and flexible. Some examples include:
“Dawn was a very good choice of person. She was clear, fun, warm and engaging.”
“Dawn was excellent – well prepared, flexible in her approach and accommodating of everyone’s views.”

My specialist areas include organisational development, organisational learning, Human Resources Development evaluation, individual and team development.