Join a community a leaders who are all creating transformation

Our second Creating Transformation programme starts early 2024 – March providing sustained and immersive support for all arts and cultural organisations across the UK. With 18 months of intensive learning, workshops, mentoring, action learning, tools, resources and personal development, Creating Transformation enables organisations to re-model, re-shape, realign, refocus and reimagine their futures. This programme is for organisations who are hungry to lead the sector to become more relevant, equitable, sustainable, resilient, dynamic, ambitious, creative and socially just.

  • Supporting you to deliver on your transformational promises – creating breakthroughs that have proved elusive, shifts where things have felt stuck, and a shared momentum across the organisation where it’s been hard to galvanise change in the past.
  • Embedding transformative change with energy, collective wisdom, ideas and commitment.
  • Creating urgency to break through slow, incremental institutional rhythms, to generate a shared momentum, that means everyone is in action

About the programme



Our time, our assets and people are all challenged as we continue navigating change and uncertainty. Concurrently we are in pursuit of a transformative and equitable sector, seeking to make a lasting impact on the people we work with and for.

As a result our wellbeing, leadership, resilience and energy is tested and stretched. Business models and income generation need to iterate and adapt to changing circumstances, audience habits and preferences. We must demonstrate an unstoppable commitment to the climate crisis, to equity, social justice and quality. We have to invest in our sector’s future through empowerment and talent development, partnerships and collaboration, communities and innovation. 



A multi-faceted, co-created programme of intense and sustained support (18 months) for leaders and their organisations to create transformational change in this moment, to re-shape, re-focus and re-align. 

The programme is live and action-focussed. All organisations will be working on their transformational change during the lifetime of the programme with workshops for teams, individuals and whole organisations, supported by toolkits, change management expertise, organisational development, mentoring, action learning, curated resources, dynamic interventions, blogs, case studies, research and co-coaching.  All organisations will share knowledge insights collectively, and be part of a facilitated sub-cohort, working with organisations with similar challenges and ambitions (climate justice, equity, relevance, culture, place, impact etc).



  • Peer learning and collaborative skills sharing
  • More than 300 hours of dedicated support to you and your organisation
  • Residential workshops for senior leadership teams focussing on change management and leadership
  • A co-created curriculum of  digital workshops for the whole organisation focussing on the interventions that manifest in actions and results
  • Action learning sets and peer mentoring
  • A curated resource hub with all tools, resources and assets freely available to everyone in your organisation
  • A dedicated facilitator for the duration of your transformation journey
  • Masterclasses and co-coaching
  • A connected network of peers, speakers and experts all committed to understanding, learning and compassion.

Get involved

We are interested in hearing from you if this programme chimes with your organisation’s ambitions and needs. The programme is open to all arts and cultural organisations across the UK.

If you’d like to have a conversation about the programme, as an organisation, network, partnership who wants to be on the programme, please do get in touch using the form below.  Your email will be sent directly to Laura Twemlow, Director of Creating Transformation. 

More information about this programme, how to book your space, and some frequently asked questions can be found here.

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