Holistic Support and Practices for Organisational Wellbeing

Putting wellbeing and care at the centre of organisational structure and empowering people to be their full selves at work and beyond.

The Problem 
Have we forgotten that we are human?
That each one of us is a beautifully intricate web of life experiences, emotions, characteristics, holding different roles and responsibilities across the various contexts of our lives? 
The world we live in can feel relentlessly loud and over stimulated. Our minds get steered towards overdrive whilst our nervous system is responding to the constant swirl of information we are absorbing. This can leave us feeling disconnected, stressed and burnt out. 
As existing systems and structures are being dismantled to create and enable a more equitable and sustainable human society, the people involved in these changes need emotional, mental, physical and social support through the process. Whilst some holistic practice has become more widely accepted in organisational settings, there are few bespoke programmes developed to adapt and move with participants over time and that support people to forefront and embed wellbeing and human connection into their workplaces. 
Our Proposition 
A bespoke and adaptive programme of holistic and wellbeing practices and perspectives, enabling individuals to recognise and hold their power, explore vulnerabilities, build their capacity for resilience and open to creating positive change. 
Through a tailored approach, we offer support to boards, staff and freelancers via short-term interventions or longer-term programmes. We build an ecology of compassion, integrity and resilience through increased understanding of self and others, using ancient holistic methodologies viewed through a contemporary lens. 

Programme Features

Facilitated, compassionate spaces for open dialogue and reflection, exploring vulnerabilities, challenges and barriers  
Movement practices for all levels, encouraging mind-body integration, physical and emotional wellbeing
Introduction and guidance into meditation, mindfulness, breathwork and contemplation methods that support self awareness, collective awareness and healthy nervous system functioning
Holistic theories and practices for wholeness and wellbeing: understanding and respecting heritage as well as universality and application in modern times
Embodiment and building integrity of personal and work place values

Get involved

Becca Pelly-Fry and Zara Rush are working in partnership with us to develop holistic programmes for the cultural sector. Please get in touch with your interest and to discuss what intervention or bespoke programme of support and care could work for you. We are also interested in hearing from potential partners and funders.
Zara currently on maternity leave returning in 2023