Hi there, I’m Sarah.

I love doing work which brings cultural organisations and audiences closer together. This ranges from training and presenting through to facilitation, planning and audience research. I enjoy working face to face with people and having the opportunity to make a real tangible difference to their work.

I love to work with clients who are open minded and genuinely want to change, and it is energising and rewarding to work with people who have a really clear creative vision.

I have worked with a wide range of cultural organisations of different scales and in different sectors, including National Trust, Crafts Council, Photographers’ Gallery, Streetwise Opera, London Borough of Camden, Independent Cinema Office, National Gallery of Ireland, Fevered Sleep, British Council and Into Film.

In the future I would love to do more work that encompasses both organisational and audience development.

Nice things people have said about me include:

“Working with Sarah was both highly effective and a complete pleasure. Her knowledge and expertise enabled us to design an innovative and valuable piece of collaborative research with a number of national partners. Her analysis and advice was always highly relevant and trusted.”
Hayley Skipper, Curator of Arts Development, Forestry Commission England

My specialist areas are audience development, training, facilitation and audience research.