At people make it work, we believe in tailoring our services to every client – we don’t use off the shelf solutions,
because we don’t have off the shelf clients. We have unique clients who deserve unique solutions.

Our approach is holistic – we like to consider the whole organisation we are working with… to understand all the factors that can be leveraged to create success and all those that need to be addressed to avoid failure.

  • We can work on whole organisation projects, or with specific functions, teams or departments.
  • People make it work can offer the complete change management consultancy, from helping you develop your new organisational strategy to building the plan to deliver it and supporting you as you engage your employees and other stakeholders. We can even develop the training courses that might be needed to create the new skills and behaviours that the strategy requires.
  • Our consulting work tends to be quite intimate – we work alongside leaders and their management teams, helping them to imagine, shape and then realise their business goals.
  • Our consultants tend to be leadership coaches as well and this enables them to offer broad support to our clients as they create change in their organisations.
  • Irrespective of the work that we are doing with you, we are likely to use our four stage process, of Audit, Celebrate, Address and Consolidate.

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In order to support development in your organization, our first step is likely to be to understand the current situation.

We call this stage ‘Audit’, and at it’s lightest it might simply be a structured conversation with you to understand the challenges or opportunities that you want to address.

In more complex assignments the ‘Audit’ stage might include a culture audit of your current organisation, or a team audit to understand better how you are working together. The purpose of this stage is to gather evidence of strengths and development areas – what assets you can draw on to reach your goals and what gaps you need to address if you are going to realize your full potential as an organisation.

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We work within a positive frame of reference and know that confident organisations and people create great opportunities and change… so we make sure that our work with you starts with celebration.

What are the greatest elements of your organisation, that need to be protected, what is working really well, and where are you having the greatest impact and success?

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The ‘Address’ phase of our work can have a range of implications. For smaller projects this might be a training course, some internal marketing and communications or a workshop to reshape team relationships.

In larger projects the ‘Address’ phase might be a fundamental change plan, the development of a new business plan or a whole organisation consultation and visioning programme. We use a comprehensive change management process with 8 stages, building on best practice and reflecting our particular focus on involvement and engagement.

The ‘Address’ phase might also include strategy workshops, engagement sessions, training programmes, internal communications, new processes and ways of working, conferences and meetings or leadership coaching programmes.

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Every engagement always has a structured and focused consolidation element.

Our job isn’t done until the benefits to your organisation have been realized – we find that too many organisations see projects as complete when they are implemented, rather than when they are utilised… we focus on the impact you are seeking to create, and ensure that this is delivered by embedding the change in the organisation’s ways of working day to day… and we don’t rest until you can see the return on your investment.


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