hello, we are people make it work.

Our vision of "Everyone's Culture" is a world where arts and culture in the UK reflects and connects with everyone and is made by with and for the whole nation.

As a community of 60 freelance cultural leaders, our shared mission is to support the cultural sector to change, develop and transform so that Everyone's Culture is created.

We do that with free tools and resources for everyone, by providing clients with advice, facilitation, coaching and consultancy and with a range of co-created cohort based development programmes.


Here at people make it work we’ve experienced the roller-coaster of the last few weeks second hand.
Knowing all of you have been holding your breath, getting news and working out implications.
While we aren’t directly impacted by the decisions that Arts Council has made, we are committed to supporting every cultural organization, group and community, regardless of the ability to pay, and regardless of the news that you’ve received.
We’re shaping up support that fits in a range of circumstances.
It might be a free 1:1 surgery, a peer-based programme to embed fundamental transformation within your organization, professional guidance and support to evolve how you lead and who does the leading where you work, support on Climate responses, advice on governance or direct support with fundraising…
It’s a complex time for everyone, with all our initial reactions qualified by others as we navigate this moment. We’re hearing all of these reactions and more. Where are you at?

Explore some of our Programmes - designed with and for you to respond to the times we are living through

Creating Transformation provides sustained and immersive support for all arts and cultural organisations across the UK
The Office for Leadership Transition work with Boards and Executive Directors to transition their leadership teams and create inclusive change
Changing perceptions and narratives around Trusteeship – more than capacity-building, this reset is movement making.
A new brokering service to support you to create wider, deeper relationships across England, realising your goals for greater impact, and the Arts Council’s goal for more equitably distributed cultural investment, experiences and infrastructure.
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