Hi there, I’m Elizabeth.

I love encouraging individuals to stretch themselves and extend their range of capability. It is always really exciting to see an individual or a team achieve something that they had previously dismissed as unlikely, if not impossible.

I love clients who have a strong set of personal values, and who are open-minded if a little wary and lacking in confidence at first. I love to guide them through a process of trying new approaches and experimenting with different behaviours until their confidence grows. I particularly enjoy working with cross-cultural teams and different nationalities.

I have worked across the spectrum of big financial, insurance and law firms (such as First Direct, Citi, DLA Piper, Royal Liver Assurance), local authorities (Wakefield Council, North Ayrshire Council), higher education (Leeds University Business School) to smaller niche inner city charities (Bangladeshi Women and Children).

I try to learn something new from every experience, however mundane it may seem at the time. It has served me well and I encourage everybody to do the same. In the future, I would love to continue to make a difference to individuals.

Some nice things clients have said about me include:

“It was great to work with Elizabeth in groups of different nationalities which gave me an inside view of how the different cultures and also personalities would take different decisions compared to me.”

My specialist areas include working with international students and new graduates; personal and professional communication skills; translating theory into practice and transferring classroom learning into business life.