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Hi there, I’m Clare.

I love working finding connections between people and bringing about collaborations and partnerships. I love helping organisations and individuals find their core purpose and supporting them to reach their goals. I am passionate about communication and empathy to enable effective teamwork and collaboration. I love leading creative practical workshops to help people solve problems, find their vision and work better together.

I love to work with clients who are open minded, honest and up for trying new things. I love seeing clients who put people first in their work and value difference.

Organisations I have worked with include the Royal Opera House, the Royal Ballet School, New Writing South, MB Associates, Transported, Artswork Bridge, Kent County Council, Wandsworth Council, Arts Council England and What Next?

In the future I would love to suppport people at all stages of their career to access excellent leadership development workshops, resources and networks for mentoring and peer learning. I would love to do more work to enable cross sector collaboration and support local authorities and cultural organisations to work together more effectively.

Some clients I have worked with have said that I am passionate, energetic, creative, perceptive and insightful.

My specialist areas include arts and culture, dance, education and creative learning, facilitation, coaching, action learning, strategy and vision planning, evaluation


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