Hi there, I’m Cliodhna

I am passionate about the visual arts and love working on projects that are ambitious, challenging and push me to think and work in new and different ways. I love working within teams, finding the potential in people and identifying how the team can work to best effect. The work I have enjoyed most comes under the broad umbrella of project management.

I enjoy working with clients that are invested in strategic development and need support to realize their ambitions. Some of the clients I have worked with include Frieze, DACS, Tate, Intoart, Stepney City Farm, private commercial galleries and individual artists.

In the future I would love to work with organisations and individuals that are poised for expansion and development. I am keen to identify ways for culture to pay for itself and want to support organisations to use an entrepreneurial spirit in their work. I would love to work locally, nationally and internationally within the creative industries bringing my experience of the commercial visual arts and museum development to new projects. I would also love to work more to understand the civic value that the arts can bring in terms of urban regeneration, artistic development and public engagement.

Within the context of large scale, complex projects, nice things colleagues and clients have said of me include: ‘you are the voice of reason!,’ ‘your persistence and clear thinking has helped me see the wood for the trees,’ and ‘you are a great listener and provided me with the space to reflect and consider my options.’

My specialisms include developing people within the teams I have led. I also know how to navigate the art world and its specific areas including – commercial, non-profit, philanthropic and the key players including dealers, artists, collectors, producers and curators.