Hi there, I’m Georgy

I love teaching and facilitating workshops and seminars and doing academic as well as practitioner research in the areas of leadership development and employee engagement.

I love working with clients who are inquisitive, reflective and engaged; open to new ideas and twho think ’out of the box’.

I am involved in a number of post-graduate and executive education programmes in the UK and Russia. Participants on the programmes I am involved with come from a wide range of organisations, both public and private. I have also conducted qualitative research on Employee Engagement policies and practices in a number of private companies and public organisations in the UK (local authority, manufacturing and construction management companies) as part of the Kingston Employee Engagement Consortium funded by the CIPD and member organisations.

Besides facilitating workshops and academic research I would like to do more evidence based consultancy work so that decisions made and/or changes introduced in organisations are informed by rigorous research.

Nice things clients have said about me include:
“Really liked the course as all aspects were related and logically linked to one another so all sessions were very useful and helpful. The delivery was very interactive and structured.”
“I thought that the session on Employee Engagement was excellent covering latest trends, different approaches and real life examples of how different companies implement Employee Engagement policies.”
“The sessions were hihgly interactive with a lot of group work so that participants on the course could share their own experiences and Georgy gave very good individual as well as group feedback. All theories and models presented were illustrated by practical cases and examples.”