Hi there, I’m Helen

I love partnerships – building relationships, finding common ground between unlikely partners, agreeing ambitions and working out how to exceed expectations. I am committed to finding ways to make culture and creativity relevant to peoples’ lives and most enjoy exploring innovative ways of making this happen. I enjoy finding ways to make art – in all its guises – accessible and relevant at a granular level. I enjoy the pincer movement this requires; setting policy and strategy in place while nurturing the detail of engagement on the ground.

I love working with people with ambition, with unashamed enthusiasm (tainted with world weary cynicism always appreciated) and belief in the work they do. I most enjoy working with teams and individuals with integrity and passion, who challenge and debate, and embrace the process as well as the product of their work.

I have a wide range of experience in the cultural sector. I have worked in community and professional settings in visual, performing and outdoor arts, both in the UK and Australia. My significant experience of working in local authority, as well as a staff mutual, charities and not for profits gives me a privileged understanding of the sector from a range of angles and forms my specialist area.

I am interested in working to develop strategies around cultural planning, civc leadership and weaving culture through a range of statutory services as local authority funding continues to be challenged. Alongside this I am interested in embedding culture at the heart of emerging civic shapers such as BIDS, Shopping Centres and building developments.