Hi there, I’m Kate

I love working in partnership with people and organisations to help them change and grow. Whether I am delivering leadership and team development programmes, facilitating group discussion sessions or working one-to-one, my approach is based on emotional intelligence and the more human elements of change. I love working with clients who value their people and their customers and who demonstrate this in developing cultures of integrity, trust, accountability, collaboration, shared vision and success.

I have been involved as a consultant, facilitator and trainer, with a variety of public and private sector organisations including: JTI International, Aviagen, Indesit, Glaxo Smith Kline, Eastman Solutia Fr, PPG Coatings, Coleson Foods USA, Blackpool Council, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Government Office NorthWest.

In the future, I would love to continue with change and transformation based work. It’s an area that will always bring its own individual set of challenges, and I am keen to help more and more clients successfully navigate their way through.

Some nice things clients have said about working with me: ‘We work with you both because you go to great lengths to bond with, and understand, the group and the individual. You prepare, you know your subject. You are adaptable and flexible to our needs. You lead by example and with compassion and integrity. It’s all wrapped with an excellent sense of humour. And, above all, you deliver results.’

My specialist areas include: the diagnostic process, culture change, leadership and team development, group facilitation, one-to-one personal development work, behaviour change, transactional analysis and emotional intelligence.