At people make it work, we believe in tailoring our services to every client – we don’t use off the shelf solutions, because we don’t have off the shelf clients. We have unique clients who deserve unique solutions.

Our approach is holistic – we like to consider the whole organization that we are working with… to understand all the factors that can be leveraged to create success and all those that need to be addressed to avoid failure.

  • We can work on whole organization projects, or with specific service areas or geographies.
  • People make it work can offer the complete change management consultancy, from helping you develop your new business plan to building the plan to deliver it and supporting you as you engage your employees and other stakeholders (users, funders, government departments, trustees and service delivery partners) We can even develop the training courses that might be needed to create the new skills and behaviours that the strategy requires.
  • Our consulting work tends to be quite intimate – we work alongside charity leaders and their management teams, helping them to imagine, shape and then realize their business goals.
  • Our consultants tend to be leadership coaches as well and this enables them to offer broad support to our clients as they create change in their organisations


Leadership coaching is a powerful tool in creating real organizational change and supporting your most important individuals to really have the greatest impact.

  • We offer coaching for Senior leaders and their teams to help them constantly develop and improve, and create even better results from the people around them.
  • We also offer training courses to create skilled coaches in your organization or else to create a coaching culture across the organisation.
  • Our coaches are hand picked, and we will identify the right combination of industry experience, national exposure, international knowledge and core skills to suit your needs.


We offer an extensive range of training services that can help create organizational change.

Most change programmes require new skills and attitudes in the organization and we develop tailored courses for leadership teams, other managers and front line staff.

Our training courses use the latest learning techniques and we can deliver them over a range of platforms, depending on your organizational requirements.

We also offer train the trainer courses if you want to develop the skills of your internal training functions.

Some of the training courses we have developed and ready to refine to your needs include;

  • Customer Service / Service user experience
  • Leadership development
  • First Line Management
  • Managing people and relationships
  • Change Management
  • Engaging Employees
  • Shifting your culture
  • Managing performance
  • Time management
  • Coaching skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Managing stakeholders

We can also develop new training programmes or individual training courses depending on your needs.


Change Management is a core service for people make it work.

We believe that change is made by people rather than done to them, and so we work with leadership teams, managers and whole organization teams to understand the needs for change, develop a vision, gain buy in and deliver complex compelling and effective change programmes that deliver real impact and results.

  • The best change management approaches speeds up acceptance and implementation and creates high degrees of commitment and compliance to the change from staff and leaders alike.
  • People make it work can offer the complete change management consultancy, from helping you develop your new strategy to building the plan to deliver it and supporting you as you engage your employees and other stakeholders. We can even develop the training courses that might be needed to create the new skills and behaviours that the strategy requires.
  • Our change management processes and tools have been developed over decades by some of the best change management experts working across international business and organisations today.


We offer a range of facilitation services. We often run workshops for Leadership teams, Boards of directors, functional teams and whole organizations. We can facilitate sessions from 6 – 6,000 people.

  • Our facilitation is designed to create ideas and energy, to build relationships and generate commitment and action.
  • Facilitating Board away days, staff sessions and consultation events for critical stakeholders is a core part of our business.
  • We work with you to uncover the challenges and opportunities and then design a facilitation that will respond to this and create amazing results.


When clients have a need to review their strategy, explore the ways their organisation is contributing to the wider ecology or explore ways that they might refine or develop their proposition, then we can help with facilitation, structured strategy workshops and support around generating clarity and producing a powerful and engaging strategy to take the charity forward.

Once we have helped you to articulate the strategy with clarity, we will then support you as you develop the engagement and organizational changes to deliver.


First Direct is a stand out example of brand alignment – the customer experience perfectly matches the brand promise, every hour of every day.

We like to think that we helped develop and maintain that culture during the late nineties, and that we can bring the same expertise and techniques to your organization.

We work with you to bring your external brand alive in the organization, so that everyone from the Director to the receptionist is living the brand in their day to day behavour, is committed to the goals and values of the organization and creates a consistent experience for the customer or service user.

We have worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the UK, US and around the world, and have particular expertise in developing the customer service experience and training needed to deliver the brand consistently, every day, everywhere by everyone. These practices and techniques are even more powerful in charitable organizations given the mission orientation and level of employee commitment to the organizational goals.


People make it work has been working with senior leaders for decades, since we believe that if you want to enable charity to develop and change then you need to work with the people at the top.

Many organisational challenges can be solved by investing in the skills and mindset of the top team and so we work with you using team development, strategy development and leadership development interventions.

Our work with Senior teams can involve coaching, training or joint problem solving. It often involves developing strategy, clear messaging and inspiring communication skills. We often work with Senior teams when they have a particular challenge coming up, whether that is a difficult set of issues, a conference or a reorganization.


Great leadership thinking has no value if it isn’t understood, believed and acted on by the whole organization and we are experts in Employee Engagement.

We understand how to engage employees and use a range of techniques to ensure that they are motivated, committed to the organization and clear about what they can do to make the charity even better. We have tools and techniques to uncover what will motivate your people to deliver even more, develop faster and create even better customer and service user experiences.