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Exploring place based practice panel 1

Exploring place based practice panel 2

Forming as a cohort, workshop with Beatfreeks

Knowing my city panel 1

Knowing my city panel 2

Knowing my city with Beatfreeks

Knowing myself workshop

Shared learning Dec 2020

Introduction to business planning

Legacy Planning

Shared learning Sept 2021

Sprint and Lego Workshop

Business Planning

Understanding Legal Entities

Understanding Business Models

Engaging and Influencing Others

Managing People

Creative Practice Showcase

Shared Learning – February 2021

Shared Learning – March 2021

Shared Learning – June 2021

The 15 meet Doreen Foster

Developing Your Leadership

Leadership Programme x Steering Group

Knowing Myself Panel

Shared Learning – November 2020

Understanding Funder Priorities

Top Tips from Sam King

Top Tips from Becky Chapman

Top Tips from Lilli Geissendorfer

Top Tips from Tam Kaur

Meet the Funders

Shared Learning November 2021

Introduction to Finance

Wrap up and look ahead session

Legacy and Commissioning Workshop

Shared Learning January 2022

Artists Spotlight Melissa Smith

Artists Spotlight Stella Graham

Artists Spotlight Laura Nyahuye

Artists Spotlight Nyasha Daley

Artists Spotlight Thanh Sinden

Artists Spotlight Josh Leach

Artists Spotlight Cory Barrett

Artists Spotlight Imrana Mahmood