Every Picture Tells a Story

Every picture tells a story. On this website, Mary Watts is sharing some of the stories from her life so far, each one told around a photo from the past…

In conversation with her son, Mary captures a moment, tells the story that each picture holds, and reflects on the ways that captured moment has unfolded over the years.

Pictures and their stories

January 2022 – Auntie Flo’s wedding
February 2022 – The Golden Anniversary
March 2022 – The Olympic Games
April 2022 – Nephews, nieces and cousins
May 2022 – Harford – a resting and restful place
June 2022 – Kephalonia
July 2022 – Dame Hannah’s
July 2022 – Trendwell

More about this project

More pictures and recordings

April 2022
March 2022

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