Hi there, I’m Fiona.

I love supporting people to unleash their own, others’ and their organisation’s potential, and engaging them in ways we can live richer, more fulfilled lives. For me, coaching is about you as a whole person: your values, goals, balance, fulfillment and life purpose. Stepping into your own power challenges and energizes you. It creates the difference between reacting to events, and placing your hands on the wheel, pointing your ship where you want it to go, trusting yourself that you can weather the oncoming storms, and inspiring the trust and confidence of others to come with you. It’s a lifelong voyage of learning.

I enjoy working with people at any stage of this journey: from sensing that there is something more that you want to give, through to the action you take to make it happen. I love that moment in the process when people start to believe in their own potential and grow into it by stepping outside of what feels familiar and comfortable and into new, bigger possibilities.

As well as running my own coaching practice, I am a faculty member at The School of Life, as well as working with Soho House Group, Bite Global, Gates Scholars at Cambridge University, BUPA, I Am Enterprises, and the University of the Arts London.

In the future, I’d be delighted to continue doing the work I love through programmes and retreats with a variety of people.

Nice things people have said about me include: “Fiona has an incredibly powerful presence – whenever you are with her you just know something special is going to happen. Fiona’s crowning glory is her ability to hear and sense what is unsaid. Fiona has a real talent for getting right to the heart of what’s going on.”

My specialist areas include authentic leadership, resilience, emotional awareness, creativity, well-being, transformation and compassion.