Business Planning

Change is done by people, not to people

These tools and resources are designed to support a conversation within your organisation – your leadership team, whole staff team, board team – that will draw out learning and insight to shape and develop your business plan in times of change.

We know that change is done by people, not to people, so we believe these tools are most useful when you engage with your teams and stakeholders to ensure that you have a collective understanding of where you need to go, and how you’re going to get there.

How to guide

We have complied this short ‘how to guide’ to support you in navigating and getting the most out of this suite of tools


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Exercises and Tasks

A suite of tools to explore to support your business planning

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Workshop Videos

A range of videos to watch on the theme of business planning

How to create a business plan for our times Richard Watts

Change Management Richard Watts

Reshaping our working practice Richard Watts, Michele Taylor, Hannah Corneck, Jeanie Scott, Becky Chapman


Nyasha Daley


Della Hill

Consultant and speaker

Sam Allen

Consultant, Engagement Specialist and Facilitator...

Dr Ernest Taylor

Consultant, researcher

Shine Duggal

Consultant and facilitator

Reading list

Transitions by William Bridges

Transitions by William Bridges

Transitions by William Bridges