Organisational Development for Global Majority Cultural Workers

Exploring and developing inclusive practices and platforms that enable parity in our work and in our sector
The Problem 
The widespread under representation of ethnically diverse people within Organisation Development (OD) work in arts and culture is perpetuating a state of inequity and injustice at all levels of the sector.
Our Proposition 
A co-created skills sharing and development programme for, with and by freelance cultural workers of colour who have experience of, or ambition to, support cultural organisations to transform, shift their cultures and develop new ways of working.
Working on three levels, the programme will support established and aspiring OD and Change Practitioners as well as Exec Directors, Artistic Directors and Participation Directors to hone OD perspectives and skills for use within organisational leadership.

Programme Features

Peer learning and collaborative skills sharing
Masterclasses and mentoring
Organisation Development theory, Change Management principles and tools
Topical, thematic resources
Pairings and live practical OD assignments with ‘client’ organisations across scales, artforms and geographies

Get involved

We are interested in hearing from you if this project chimes with your ambitions, as a cultural worker, a potential partner or as a funder.