Helping organisations change and develop is what we do. Everyday.

People make it work offer a wide range of Organisational Development solutions from complete Organisational Development consultancy to discreet projects or a combination of services to suit your needs.  Our work is informed by a holistic approach to your business but our focus can vary from specific teams, divisions or geographies through to full cross-organisational engagement.

We are passionate about helping organisations and their leaders to define their ideas and needs, to expand their sense of what is possible, to create the conditions and culture to support transformation and to embark on that development journey together.

Organisational Development


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Change Management is at the heart of our work.

Change Management


We believe that change is made by people rather than done to them, and so we work with leadership teams, managers and whole organisations to understand the needs for change, develop visions, gain buy-in and support complex, compelling and effective change programmes that deliver real results creatively, socially and financially. Our change processes and tools are proven in action and deliver faster, deeper and more effective change.

people make it work can offer the complete change management consultancy, from helping you develop your new business strategy to building the plan to deliver it and supporting you as you engage your employees and other stakeholders. We can even develop the training courses to foster the new skills and behaviours that the strategy requires. We work with you not for you so that we leave our skills behind us, and your teams are stronger and more resilient to support the next change when that comes too.

Our change management processes and tools have been developed over decades by some of the best change management experts working across international business today.

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In our experience effective leadership is fundamental to organisational strength. Many organisational challenges can be solved by investing in the skills and mindset of the leadership team.

We work with senior teams, chief executives and trustees to help you realize your organisational mission, engage and empower your teams, and maximize your impacts. Our support can range from one-off facilitation of board away days through to on-going executive coaching and bespoke leadership development programmes.

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Leadership development


Great ideas have no value if they aren’t understood, believed in and acted upon by the whole organisation and we are experts in Employee Engagement.

Employee engagement


We understand how to engage employees and use a range of techniques to ensure that they are motivated, committed to the organisation and clear about what they can do to make the organisation even better.

We have tools and techniques to uncover what will motivate your people to deliver even more, develop faster and create even better customer experiences.

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Our cross-sector experience and insight makes us well placed to offer incisive, strategic business development and planning support recognising the complexity of the current marketplace, funding environment and political outlook.

We help clients find the clarity they need to review and refine their proposition through structured, facilitated strategy workshops and to produce a powerful and engaging strategy to take the business forward.

We have supported the strategic development of transformational new business models for a range of national and regional arts organisations and further case studies and references are available on request.

Strategic development


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Fundraising and Development


We help organisations who are ready to make changes to realise their fundraising potential.

Our specialist fundraisers provide holistic and embedded support tailored to the needs of each organisation that we work with. We equip you with the tools, expertise and additional capacity  to achieve your fundraising goals. Drawing on our extensive experience of working closely with funders across the country and at all scales, we will help you optimise your fundraising strategy, best position your case for support, and help you to shape impactful and compelling approaches to the people and organisations most aligned to your work. Our Associates fundraising track-record ranges from the successful delivery of major capital campaigns to ongoing and embedded support for core costs, programmes and projects.

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We believe that collaboration and partnership working are crucial characteristics of successful organisations, and we support effective collaborative working in a variety of ways.

We can help you establish a partnership, identifying your shared needs and creating the optimum conditions for success; we can step in when things go awry to help you re-energise and strengthen your collaborative relationships; and we can provide on-going facilitation and leadership to transform collective thinking into strategic, joined up actions. Our VIRAL model of collaboration builds deep skills and a shift in mindset at all levels of the organisation.

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Partnership management and collaborative working




Leadership coaching is a powerful tool that creates real organisational change, optimising impact and productivity. 

We will support your most important individuals to really have the greatest impact and create even better results with the people around them. Creating a coaching culture in your team can extend the transformation from the personal to the organisational. Our coaches are hand-picked, and we will identify the right combination of industry experience, national exposure, international knowledge and core skills to suit your needs.

We also offer training courses to create skilled coaches in your organisation as well as to create a coaching culture across the organisation.

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Change programmes require new skills and attitudes within organisations – we develop tailored courses for leadership teams, managers and front line staff and offer an extensive range of training services to support organisational change.

Our training courses use the latest learning techniques and we can deliver them over a range of platforms, depending on your organisational requirements. We also offer train the trainer courses if you want to develop the skills of your internal training functions.

Some of the training courses we have developed and ready to refine to your needs include;


  • Change management
  • Customer service
  • Leadership development
  • First line management
  • Managing people and relationships
  • Audience engagement
  • Time, priority and stress management
  • Project management
  • Research and evaluation
  • Engaging employees
  • Shifting your culture
  • Managing performance
  • Time management
  • Coaching skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Effective writing skills
  • Strategy development
  • Managing meetings
  • Leading others
  • Board Fundraising
  • Bid Writing
  • Embedding donor care

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With decades of experience across sectors, we offer a flexible range of facilitation services for 6 – 6,000 people. Our facilitation is designed to create ideas and energy, to build relationships and generate commitment and action. 

We work with you to uncover the challenges and opportunities and then design a facilitation that will respond to this and create amazing business results. Facilitations vary in scale and format ranging from skills development workshops, cross-sector meetings, networking events, consultations to ideas generation sessions engaging  leadership teams, boards of directors, functional teams and whole organisations.

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Designed, developed and delivered by people make it work, the Change Creation programme supports arts and cultural organisations to create lasting change. We’re currently shaping our future programmes, as now, more than ever, we know that we need to support the incredible organisations in our sector to re-model, plan and shape their futures.  Find out more about the programme.