The Knowing my City strand is about finding out about the city of Coventry. We will learn about how data is captured about the city, and how this data is used when shaping cultural activities. We will hear from cultural leaders in the city, working on large-scale cultural events and how those events have been shaped and influence through conversations with Coventry residents and groups. We will also discover more about the city through grassroots community leaders and the communities they serve and how we can better interact with the city with this knowledge.

Elements of Learning:

  • Gaining a deep and fundamental understanding of the data, patterns and insight that shapes and represents our city
  • Gaining a detailed and fact-based understanding of the patterns of cultural consumption, barriers to engagement and attendance
  • Understand the social, economic and cultural challenges that exist in our city
  • Understand the histories and elements that have shaped the way our city looks, feels and works
  • Know more about who in the cultural city works where and with whom, and establish likely partners

Strand Workshops

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Knowing my City

Panel, City of Culture Trust

Knowing My City

Panel, Community Leaders

Knowing My City

Workshop, Beatfreeks