Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got answers… have you got questions?

What are the programme fees?

The programme is £5,000 + VAT per person.  We have discounted places for individuals and organisations from under-represented groups and bursaries to support care needs. 

We can offer discounts to people who want more than 2 people on the programme and / or to organisations who are able to supply a suitable venue for one of our residential workshops. 

When does the programme start?

We’ll start with an online induction early in 2024 and welcome to orientate you to the programme. The programme will have its first face to face 2 day workshop in Spring.

What time do I need to commit to the programme?

Creating transformative change doesn’t happen by itself. It requires time, energy and momentum. 

We strongly recommend that all cohort members attend:

  • All Core Workshops (8 full days – with travel)
  • All Intensive Workshops (12 full days – online)
  • Monthly check-ins for the duration of the programme (2 hours per month)
  • Action Learning Sets (2 hours per month)
  • Additional surgeries and 1:1s when needed (monthly)

In addition you will need to share the learning back in your organisation through briefings, meetings, communication etc. 

In total we recommend dedicating a minimum of 300 hours to the programme. This sounds a lot right? However it’s important to remember the programme will deliver your transformation. It’s a live, action-focussed programme. It’s not 300 hours of sitting back, listening, learning and personal development (although we know this happens as a result of the programme) but it is 300 hours of wisely invested time to create transformative change in a supportive environment. You’ll be working alongside peers to create the transformation your organisation needs. A wise investment.

We are a small organisation - should we book?

Yes! Our experience tells us that there is so much to learn from bringing together organisations of different art form / scale / geography. We also know that small organisations can have big ambitions and be more agile, innovative and dynamic … We have lots to learn from each other. You should obviously consider your capacity and the overall resilience within the organisation – but if you can make it work with a really small team, then we’d love you to be on the programme.

What is the selection criteria?

We welcome all arts and cultural organisations in the UK. That is the only criteria. Beyond that all we are interested in is whether or not we feel the programme will deliver against your ambitions and intentions. We have a range of programmes and support, and so if we feel Creating Transformation is the perfect fit, we will support and signpost you to alternative options.

I have access needs - can you provide access support?

Yes. We are committed to providing support to enable everyone to be able to access the programme in ways that suit their needs. We have allocated a budget to provide access support.

How can my whole organisation engage in this programme?

All of the digital workshops (12 in total) are open to any member of your organisation who is actively engaged in creating transformation. 

All the tools, resources, case studies and insights will be made available to the cohort to share with their wider organisation. 

We will support the cohort members to ensure that the learning is shared and embedded in the organisation. It isn’t a personal development programme for individuals – it is a programme for the whole organisation to benefit from.

What is the curriculum?

We have experience of leading and designing programmes so we have lots of ideas – however it’s essential that the curriculum meets the needs of the organisations on the programme. We will therefore co-design the curriculum with all the organisations. We anticipate this might include: 

  • Change Management
  • Leadership
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Place making
  • Business and Financial Modelling
  • Governance
  • Communication, advocacy and fundraising
  • Social and climate justice
  • Programming
  • Audiences
  • Partnerships

Beyond the workshops, there will be surgeries, action learning sets, co-coaching and mentoring to ensure that everything you are learning is embedded and put into action.

What are the sub-cohorts?

When we have a full cohort we will assess the range of transformations that people are seeking to make. We will then arrange people into sub-cohorts so you will be working closely with people who are facing similar challenges to you and your organisation. The sub-cohorts are designed to provide focussed support and an immediate peer group to build a community that benefits from exchanging ideas and learning. 

Beyond the sub-cohorts, everyone will come together for the workshops, surgeries, and action learning sets. So in essence you will have the benefit of an immediate peer group, and a larger cohort to share and connect with, expanding your networks and increasing your learning. 

What happens if I move jobs during the programme’s lifetime?

Places on the programme are for the benefit of the whole organisation. If people move to another organisation during the lifetime of the programme we will welcome and induct newly identified cohort members from the original organisation. We cannot refund places on the programme if people leave, as we rely on a full complement of 60 people to make it financially viable. 

What happens if I can’t make a workshop?

All our workshops will be recorded and made accessible for people to watch after the event and your sub-cohort facilitator will be able to bring you up to speed.

What are the surgeries?

We know that people think and work at different speeds. Some people do their thinking on the day, other people take time to reflect and develop their thinking. The surgeries are therefore designed to offer follow up support after the workshops so you can test out your ideas or share your challenges. 

What support is available outside the workshops?

The workshops are just one element of the programme. Outside of the workshops you will be working with your sub-cohort and dedicated facilitator to work on your transformation, using the resources, tools, 1:1s, action learning sets and surgeries for support. 

What is the online hub?

We will create an online hub that will be the ‘go-to’ place for the cohort – accessing presentations, tools, resources, videos and case studies. Everything you need will be in one place and available during the lifetime of the programme and beyond.

How do I apply to the programme?

We’re committed to making this programme and the  process accessible to everyone. You can submit a written booking request or a voice / video recording. You’ll find the booking information here. 

Where do I send my completed booking form?

Please send your completed booking to: We will confirm receipt of your booking within 3 working days. If you do not receive confirmation from us, please do come back to us to check. We don’t want anyone’s booking or work to be lost due to spam filters or digital gremlins.

Download a Creating Transformation fact sheet to share and circulate to your peers, board, Senior Management Team.

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