How to apply...

Apply to be on the programme in a way that suits you…

We want to ensure that applying to the programme is easy and straightforward.

The deadline for applications is 22nd August and you’ll find the key dates for the programme below.

Contact us to arrange a call so that you can explore your initial ideas and check that the programme is the perfect fit for your organisation or group.

Contact us

Come along to an informal online information session to hear more about the programme.

Book your place

We’ve created a short video (captioned and with BSL) that explains the programme – feel free to share with your organisation and networks.


We’ve created a fact sheet with some Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to share this information with your peers, board and networks.

Browse and share - word document
Browse and share - PDF document

Tell us what else we can do to enable your application. We are happy to arrange access support and would love to hear from you about how this process can be improved to suit your needs.

Access support

When you’re ready to apply download a written application or the guidelines for submitting a recorded (voice / video) application.

Written Application Form
Verbal Application Guidelines

Key dates...

Before you apply…

Online Information Sessions. Choose a date and time that works for you:
Application deadline
  • 22nd August

Keep free…

Creating Transformation Induction and Welcome (online)
  • 26th September, 2 – 4pm
Core Workshop Dates – full days (venue TBC)
  • 15th – 16th November, 2022
  • 15th – 16th March, 2023
  • 19th – 20th September, 2023
  • 24th – 25th January, 2024

More information

Queries, conversations, applications. Tell us what you need.

We’d love to hear from you and have a conversation before you apply. We strongly recommend this – our experience is that the people we talk to in advance feel better informed and more able to submit compelling applications.

We are committed to a process and a programme that is equitable and accessible. We are fallible and, despite our very best efforts, we will make mistakes, so if there is anything that you experience in the application process that excludes you or makes it difficult to apply, please let us know and together we will find the appropriate solution.