Proactive Transitions

There are leaders across the cultural sector who are ready to hand over, but the roadmap for enabling that at this time is not clear and this leads to additional inertia and an unintended sense that progression is intentionally blocked. A clearer roadmap and set of resources to support proactive transitions would be useful.

A fully supported package would include:

  •  10 days tailored consultancy to review organisational leadership models, structures and systems for progression and make recommendations for models and formats for managed constructive transition.
  • 4 days producing templates and x 4 semi-structured conversations for Leadership teams and Board/Leadership teams to have – we will set objectives, surface implications, create a timeline, engage the wider organisation in the conversation for emeritus type structures and founder / CEO relationships
  • 2 days creating financial guidelines related to retirement settlements
  • 4 days of job design and restructure support to explore new models that might be better than like for like replacement and sourcing inclusive recruitment support from partner agencies.
  • 4 days of culture change support, working alongside the Executive Team to ensure smooth transition and onboarding of appointees.
  • Unlimited free access to digital resource hub