The Office for Leadership Transition work with Boards and Executive Directors to transition their leadership teams and create inclusive change

We are committed to helping cultural leaders to enable a proactive, dynamic and supported transformation of representation at the tops of their cultural organisations to better reflect the audiences and communities that they exist to serve. We recognise that different organisations have different views on the urgency and ease of leadership change and the Office for Leadership Transition’s portfolio approach is designed to reflect that.
With industry and sector experts we have created a series of support packages and interventions, tools, resources, and peer programmes to help organisations re-model their leadership, engage in a transition process, advocate for inclusive change and a re-distribution of cultural leadership. This is an affordable change model that values diversity and inclusion based on a fixed rate fee and tailored to your specific scenarios.
We are sensitive in our approach; enabling transition readiness with care, integrity, and fuelled by collaboration. We will work with leadership teams to create the conditions for systemic conversations – questioning, reflecting, learning – providing safe spaces for leaders and trustees to challenge prevalent ideas and beliefs, shift from declaring good intentions to concrete plans and developments that are grounded in reality, linked to diarised specificity, supported with resources to ensure positive momentum and impact.
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Proactive Transitions

I want to re-distribute power and review our management structures, but need restructure support, templates, models and guidelines.

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Proactive Transitions

I am moving aside and making way for new leadership perspectives, but need a clear roadmap for enabling that and a set of resources to support a proactive transition.

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Succession through development

I am looking for support to develop a new talent pipeline for the next generation of cultural leaders as part of a place-based partnership consortium that creates opportunities for-under represented voices and equips people for leadership.

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Distributed Leadership

I want to experiment and take a risk with a more dispersed model of leadership, empowering more people within the organisation and restructuring how decisions are made and with/by whom

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Re-centring artists

Supporting organisations that want to re-centre creative power around artist voices and insights.

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Making movement

Supporting boards that have decided that change needs to happen at a leadership level in order for the mission to be delivered, and need additional guidance and road mapping to implement their intentions.

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