Our principles to shape positive engagement with change and transformation

Hi, it’s Richard from people make it work. 

In this video blog I am sharing people make it work’s change principles – ideas we have learned are essential to create organisational change that feels owned, driven and easeful.

The principles that I am sharing and talking about in the video include;

  • Successful, owned and motivated change is a SOCIAL process (explore, imagine, decide, act) not a PROJECT process (define, implement and enforce)
  • People don’t resist change, they resist being changed
  • People are amazing
  • Change is done BY people, not TO people
  • Change happens in a context – it’s more like a GARDEN and less like a FACTORY.
  • Love resisters, they make you strong, cause you to expand your reach and give your ideas definition
  • Change Management is about creating a context in which change is INEVITABLE. Releasing the forces for change rather than driving them

Hear me expanding on these ideas and their importance for collaborative, effective organisational change and transformation in the video below.

At people make it work our mission is your mission. We are committed to everyone’s culture being made for and by everyone. That means that we are also committed to supporting cultural organisations, leaders and groups in communities, regardless of the ability to pay.  Across our website, you’ll find a range of free resources as well as ways to arrange free individual surgeries if that would be useful. We’ve also got a load of programmes and associate colleagues who can support you professionally, if if that’s what you need. 

Sending you strength and positivity!