This strand is all about building your business. In this strand you will be able to hear from speakers and learn about how they have set up their businesses.

This will include learning about different types of business models. You will also be able to learn all about different legal entities in business.

You will gain an insight into financial modelling and business planning, which will include learning about how to scale and grow your business.

Another key element of this strand will be brand identity and how an effective brand can help business growth.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to have 1-2-1 sessions with experts in the field.

Elements of Learning:

  • Growing partnerships and collaborations
  • “Next-stage” growth; scaling up, replication, innovation
  • Creating processes, procedures and an effective business plan
  • Gaining an understanding of brand identity including social media and marketing
  • Developing people management approaches
  • Understanding business fundamentals such as finance, compliance, budgets and safety
  • Setting up a business, charity or organisation

Strand Workshops

All workshops on the theme of Building my Business

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Understanding Business Models

Anna Dinnen

Understanding Legal Entities

Mikayla Sinead

Introduction to Business Planning

Sprint and Lego Workshop

Richard Tomlins

Introduction to Finance