This strand is all about enabling creative ideas. You will have the opportunity to share your own creative practice and learn from one another.

You will hear from your peers in a series of artist spotlights, where members of the cohort will focus on their own work and bring to the session questions and ideas for the group to discuss.

You will also take part in events and activities to grow your network and learn how to resource your projects and ideas.

Elements of Learning:

  • Building and resourcing new creative projects
  • Growing our creative networks
  • Evolving and developing creative practice
  • Understanding our creative practice
  • Building our understanding of fundraising and development

Strand Workshops

All workshops on the theme of Enabling Creative Ideas

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Creative Practice Showcase

The Cohort

Understanding Funder Priorities

Laura Pottinger

Artist Spotlights

Cohort & Guests

Meet the Steering Group

Cohort & Guests

Meet the Funders

Legacy Planning